Occupancy Counting

by | Jul 20, 2020 | News

The on going Covid-19 health crisis has brought a new series of challenges for retail environments. As the situation develops, Government regulations are changing frequently, and retailers must continuously review their operations to comply with latest guidelines.

Though stores have always had a maximum occupancy limit, the need to monitor customer/visitor numbers and ensure social distancing can be maintained is now essential. The health and safety of staff and customers has become the priority for many stores. Now, as regulations begin to ease, the stores that sadly had to close their doors for extended periods are now in the process of reopening, only now with added concerns of how to safeguard staff and customers from the ongoing threat of infection.

Visitor numbers can be tracked manually, however this would require an employee to stay in one location and count every individual as they enter and leave. Alternatively, an automated occupancy counter can be used to count people as they come and go, providing real time occupancy numbers.

Indoor People Counting

To calculate occupancy, the number of visitors leaving is subtracted from the number that have entered. Utilizing our current range of indoor counting solutions, we have developed simple solutions to help monitor visitor numbers and reduce crowding. Our occupancy counters will count all visitors as they enter and leave, providing real time occupancy information on a small digital display. The display can be used by a member of staff to periodically check and ensure numbers are within safe limits.

For stores with one way systems and separate entrance/exit points, we have simple non directional counters that can be linked to an UP/DOWN counting system. If the store has a single entrance/exit, we can install counters that differentiate direction of travel, providing a count output for both directions that can be fed into an UP/DOWN counting system.

Benefits of Installing Occupancy Counters

  •  Eliminate the need to manually count all pedestrians in and out of a retail environment.
  •  Reduce the possibility of human error as customer numbers increase.
  •  Automated counters allow you to set your own occupancy limits and ensure the space is always compliant with the latest regulations.
  •  Customers will appreciate the added level of consideration. Safety of the customers and staff is fundamental when the public are more likely to scrutinise usual practices.
  •  Quick and easy to install.
  •  Counters can be installed for environments with multiple entrances and fed to a single display point.
  • Long battery life.
  • Solution can be tailored to suit the store requirement.
  • Dataloggers can be incorporated to allow future analysis of store footfall. This will pin point the peak visiting hours and help prioritise when additional staff will be required.


Example 1 -Retail with One-way system
2 x MIR7B non Directional Counters with Occupancy UP/Down Counting System



Example 2 -Retail with Single Entrance and Exit
1 x DIR Directional Counter with Occupancy UP/Down Counting System

Comply with Government Guidelines and Monitor Your Occupancy

We have a variety of indoor people counters that can be used with the occupancy counting system. Please browse through our product range and feel free to contact us for more information. We can use multiple counting solutions for more complex applications and work alongside you to ensure we provide the best solution.

Contact Us now for assitance with managing your store occupancy.