Local Wireless

Our Local Wireless Solution which uses a robust and high performing wireless network that transmits the count data to a receiver attached to a LAN network or host PC.  The data is downloaded onto the host PC and data from all counters can be viewed in graphical and tabular format. Available with our full outdoor counter and indoor counter range.

Local wireless datalogger provides:

  • Data downloaded onto local PC via a wireless network – provides up-to-date usage data and eliminates the need to visit counters No annual costs for software or airtime
  • User friendly software to download and view information
  • Data can be viewed graphically or in tabular format and exported to .csv for further analysis
  • All counters displayed in a single panel with icons and alarms to inform user if communication is lost
  • Long transmission range with ability to increase range using repeaters, with wireless dataloggers acting as further repeaters enabling an extensive wireless network to be built
  • The wireless system can be deployed both indoors and outdoors. Data from both can be downloaded and integrated into a single graph for comparing indoor and outdoor figures
  • Ability to easily incorporate additional wireless counters to expand the system
  • Low battery warning on wireless loggers shown on software
  • Ability to customise device names and group counters into specific categories