RB-PC – People and Car Counter

The RadioBeam™ People and Car Counter (RBPC) is a double-sided, battery-operated unit that can separately count people and cars.  It can be supplied as a directional counter (DRBPC). It is suitable for paths up to 12 metres wide and is installed with no path disturbance.

Features & Benefits

  • Separately counts pedestrians and cars
  • Units are positioned on either side of a path with no cabling between the units so there is no path disturbance.
  • Suitable for all types of paths including paved, hard core and rough tracks
  • Reliable and accurate counting in all weather conditions using our well proven RadioBeam technology
  • No visible sensors to be kept clean or attract the public attention
  • No maintenance other than battery change every 7 years
  • Installed in highly vandal resistant recycled plastic bollards, protective housing, or metal posts, which all require security tool for access.
  • Can be supplied as a directional counter (DRBPC).
  • Data collection options:
    • Satellite technology or GSM for viewing data on your web portal
    • Local wireless system for automatic download to office PC. This  system is popular with parks and visitor attractions.
    • Internal datalogger for on-site download onto a laptop
    • Manual viewing on a display. Size to customer specification
    • Installation and data analysis service available.